Revolution 3d and VB.Net
ZarnethJust starting out with Revolution3d. I'm having a little trouble though. Except for the initalisation turorial, all the other sample code is all VB6 only. And I'm having problems getting all schnippets of code from the VB6 files to work in .net. Does anyone know of any .net sample programs/code/tutorials for Revolution 3d and In particular the polyvox3 landscape is what I'm trying to get working atm.
VBBRI don't know because I use VB6, but a guy named Promit (from the R3D community) fixed the wrappers for .NET (they had a lot of errors). You could try contacting him by PM'ing him on or going [url=""]here[/url], the temporary forums (until the new portal is ready). You can post as a Guest there.