The polls on the main page need to come more frequ
Lachlan87The Poll on the main page should be changed more frequently. Everyone votes after a week or two and then we stare at the same old numbers day after day. . . Just my 2C .
Eric ColemanThe previous poll got over 100 votes, but VBgamer doesn't get that much regular traffic either, so I guess a more regular change of poll is a good idea. I guess we don't really need the input of someone that visits once and never returns [:p] Now let me find that thread that had suggestions for a poll.
Sr. GuapoI think you need to make it so only registered members can vote... Otherwise, someone can just vote 100 times. Not that the polls are that big a deal, I think it would more acurately represent this ommunity.
SionSpeaking of the poll, who voted "Umm, I'm not a geek"?!! [}:)]
VBBRWell, I voted "Star Wars". [:D] (altough I've never watched anything Star Trek, and I don't have the most basic idea of what "StarGate" is. But I've watched all of the Star Wars films up to now--and I think they're great)
Lachlan87Everyone and their brother thinks they want to make the greatest MMORPG ever, and yet look how many people actually play them. . . [:D]
VBBRKnow what, I have never played an MMORPG. Nothing MMO actually. I must be some kind of alien or the like...
Eric ColemanThe polls only reflect what game develepers prefer to play. But I do have to admit that I was a bit surprised by the lack of people interested in MMORPG. Even with game developer's lack of interest in the genre there are still quite a lot of people that play them. Just look at [url=""]this[/url], [url=""]this[/url], [url=""]this[/url], or [url=""]this[/url].
SionPrehaps game developers don't have the time to play MMORPG's? After all, it takes quite a bit of time to get into an MMORPG, and even more if you need to get part of the sociaty of that game. And once you're in, there's no going back. Okay, that isn't true, but it's strange how some people get sucked completely into playing a certain MMORPG and spend all their waken hours playing it. I didn't vote MMORPG, simply because I haven't played any, and haven't had much interess in doing so. I might buy World of Warcraft, but that's as far as I would going in playing MMORPG's... those really hardcore MMORPG's isn't for me.