New Game
TacomanHi, I didn't think this post was worthy of a main page news post but I just wanted it to be known that I have begun work on a new RPG and you can go read more about it here: [url][/url] Thanks alot!
IodiplinDude! You're an Eagle Scout? So am I!!! Sweet, I didn't know there were any other geeks who had a second life outdoors. Hmm...very interesting.
Lachlan87Second life outdoors. . .? I stack hay and other farm-type chores during the summer, does that count?
Eric ColemanYou can always add a link on the Links page in the game developer's section [:)]
Lachlan87BTW, Tacoman, your website caused my version of Mozilla Firefox 1.0PR to freeze up twice. Maybe because I have adblock on? It works alright in Opera 7.6Preview.
TacomanThis is actually Seph speaking [;)]. I'm the Webmaster and or Publicist [:D]. Ya, Tacoman and I are both Eagle Scouts and we both love backpacking(along with other forms of camping). If you are interested in the story then you should check the "About Me" section, it needs some updating though, it was written about 2-3 years ago. Eric, the link is in the Game Developer's links section but it doesn't get much action, and I thought I would like to make a special anouncement. Lachlan, I am aware of the problems when using Firefox, personally I don't like Firefox but w/e. The site was programmed originally in IE6 and it relies heavily on Style Sheets. I think that Firefox may have issues with using Style Sheets. You should have seen the site just a couple of days ago it was crazy with Firefox, all of the objects were crammed on top of one another at the bottom of the screen, lol.