So ... does anyone have a copy of Alpha 7 around?
PeterI've had some requests for me to put the X-Mas 2003 contest version of Alpha 7 back online so people can play it but I'm having some problems finding a working version of the game on my backup CDs. The only version I have is after I took apart the X-Mas mission and started putting in a C math DLL (since its experimental it needs to be installed under C:\Seven, which is a nightmare for releasing it online). So does anyone have the game around, either zipped or unzipped? Thanks a lot. Send me an email if you do =) Peter
Eric ColemanAlpha 7 was never entered into the 2003 contest.
timbo152kWish I had the game around.. I've waiting to try out this game for the lonnngest time!
Siontimbo, your prayers have been answered. You can get it here: [url][/url]. [:)]
PeterWell I'll be damned, it was the 2002 X-Mas contest that we were in ;) We never quite got the 2003 version done in time, firstly we started kinda late, and then I got a bad flu which didn't help matters so it fizzled. It has kinda seemed as if A7 has been a bit cursed. The worst is that I started working on it again and then my hard drive crashed, losing weeks of effort. That sort of stuff is just demoralizing. Especially since I fixed up a lot of the mission Ai and now I can't remember what it was that I did, and it was pretty tricky. Oh well, what can you do. Maybe something can still be done with it, I loaded up the 2002 version that Sion and Almar uploaded and there is a huge difference in quality between the 2002 version and what we currently have/had.
Almar JolingHm, backups :+. Right now I'm trying a program called "Handy backup" It allows to encrypt (ghost), compress, and upload backups to FTP/network. Pretty neat. YALG and my new game go every day up to a webserver, and another server. My email and stuff daily during dinner, and photos once a week. (to a local PC here) All scheduled :D