3D accelerator Needed for WoW..
malificorumOk, I'm growing very desperate for answers and stumbled upon all you experts, hopefully someone can help me. I downloaded the WoW beta and started it up to play. I got a message notifying me that it was unable to start my 3d accelerator and suggested I ensure that I have directx 9 and all updated drivers. I did the dxdiag thing in my run box and saw that I'm already running on dx 9.0c, must be the drivers right? Then I go to the "display" tab of the diagnostic box and I notice that all of the directx features such as "3d accelerator" and "direct draw" are all unavailable..There are buttons that I COULD click on to enable them but they're greyed out. I'm running on a presario 2100 and my graphics card is a Radeon IGP 320M. Is there anyone that knows how to activate my 3d accelerator?? I see others playing on my exact graphics card that just had minor problems, but atleast they can start the game.. SOMEONE HELP PLZ! Thanks, Mal.