Graphics card HELP!!
malificorumOk, I'm growing very desperate for answers and stumbled upon all you experts, hopefully someone can help me. I downloaded the WoW beta and started it up to play. I got a message notifying me that it was unable to start my 3d accelerator and suggested I ensure that I have directx 9 and all updated drivers. I did the dxdiag thing in my run box and saw that I'm already running on dx 9.0c, must be the drivers right? Then I go to the "display" tab of the diagnostic box and I notice that all of the directx features such as "3d accelerator" and "direct draw" are all unavailable..There are buttons that I COULD click on to enable them but they're greyed out. I'm running on a presario 2100 and my graphics card is a Radeon IGP 320M. Is there anyone that knows how to activate my 3d accelerator?? I see others playing on my exact graphics card that just had minor problems, but atleast they can start the game.. SOMEONE HELP PLZ! Thanks, Mal.
Sr. GuapoYou need to get your drivers online. Your DX version is completely different than your drivers version. I assume you should be able to get the latest drivers off . I assume it is a pretty old card, and it probably doesn't support any new features (like shaders) so it may not run well, if at all.
malificorumWell actually, turned out to be my lack of a driver. Now that I have the driver all my directx features work! My problem now is that right when I tell the game to start, my screen turns blue with a lot of white gibberish and the whole HD crashes. I think this has to do with my graphics settings.. however I'm not sure how I should alter them to get the game to work.
Sr. GuapoDid you check the minimum requirments for the game? It is possible (and likely) that you graphics card does not support something that WoW needs to run...