Vb Game MAking
Bonez2044I need help with a game engine i guess cause i got everything like the login and maps can any help me?
Eric ColemanYou might want to give some more information about what you need help with. Saying that you need help with a "game engine" is very generic and doesn't really give people much information about what you've done and what you would like to do with your game.
Bonez2044Well i need help making one or do you know wherei can get a good one becuase i got every thing done and all i need is a game engine to get in the game i heard.
ExcaliberLol. have everything done except the game engine? So, whatcha got done? The name of the game, maybe a splash screen? The game engine is the core of the game. Without it, theres no game.
Bonez2044Ok so if its the core can u help me out please?
Excaliberwell, its not an easily defined thing. every game is different. But basically, its the set of code that is used to process inputs and render the graphics. You give it inputs (such as game data, mouse moves, enemy locations, etc) and it will give you data back, and render what you specified onscreen. its basically the "important" part of any game. It deals with inputs, outputs, ai, graphics, etc.
Eric ColemanYou might want to check out the forums at http://www.gamedev.net/ You'll find lots of people that will help you by giving you a game engine. [:D]
Bonez2044Well im happy to say my game is up and running but i need help wit one thing when i walk into some 1 i cant turn aroundlike if im trap between to people i cant turn and hit the next person why?[;)]
OrklMay I ask what engine you used? Or did you create your own?
Bonez2044Well its a ore engine i got it from http://www.baronsoft.com/projects.asp
SpodiWell, if you are using ORE, why not use the ORE message board?
Bonez2044*Cough* "For Got" *Cough*