Variable/Form movement
RomaraHello everyone, I'm trying to make a very simple game in which a startup form is displayed on running that allows you to select a difficulty (intSpeed). What I need to know is if/how you can take that selection to the acctual game when it is loaded. Is if even possible?
BrykovianI assume that this startup form is not part of the actual game ... instead, it launches the game file once the player has set his/her option ... is that correct? If so, then the 2 simplest ways to transfer the user's choice would be to either put it as part of the command-line that launches the game ... the game application can then parse Command$ to get that info. Or, write it to a file, which the game application will read on start-up. -Bryk
Eric ColemanDefine a global variable in a module and also use Sub Main() as the startup object. It would look something like [code] Public g_difficulty As Long Public Sub Main() 'display the first form that sets the difficulty variable. Form1.Show vbModal Form2.Show 'This form is the game. End Sub [/code]