Year 2: So what is everyone working on?
cbxI was reading through the old fourm topics from page 17-20 and came across this topic from May 19, 2003 So seeing as how over a year has passed, and many people made posts, I thought I would re-ask the question once again. As for me I am still puttering away on my DX9Tools library, although I have since integrated my GameTools, and DXEliminator libraries into it. The current version I'm working on,... "was" working on, is Release 6. I say "was" working because I have started a new project that I hope will end my suffering when it comes to creating demo apps and games. I'm trying to create a disconnected way of creating software. I have an engine core, which is just that, a looping core. As well as a interface driven rendering implementation so other people could write there own renderer using OpenGL for example. Basicaly you create seperate engine task objects and add them to the engines core, each engine task, will have additional information with it such as it's priority, StartTime, EndTime, LastExecutionTime, ExceededLastAllottedExecutionTime, Enabled, AverageExecutionTime etc. An Engine task is a object that would perform a task, such as calculating phisics, AI, pathfinding etc. ... My CommonCBX.NET library is quietly collecting dust, I have not even opened up the project file in months, ... For the most part I have been slacking off and playing Doom3, Farcry, and UT2004. That and trying to get my new site up and getting a video submission section going. It's requireing me to do a little programming, which is also making me a little paranoid with all the security talk lately. BTW lol (I'm still chuckling) If you are interested in some comic relief feel free to read my prev topic I started back in Mar 31, 2003. lol lol Both my second, third and my last posts that I made on the first page of that topic is particularly funny to me. PS: Please don't anybody get started on the Quaternion verses Euler debate, that topic was put to death on April 10, 2003. Thank god! I mean it, don't be sturring up the waters and getting me all twitchy again. [:p]
PeterI am working on passing school =)Too many midterms and not enough fun make Peter go something something ... Besides that I gained and lost a good month of (very productive) work on A7 due to a hard drive collapse so that's done for lol. As soon as I get some time I plan to start playing around with some physics demos in VB (starting with simple 2d stuff and moving on to interactions in 3d) I also plan to learn OGL (probably in C++ though) and learn how to do 3d modelling (or at least give it a shot). If all that works out I plan to start working on some sort of 3d engine/tech demo. Also in the meantime I probably will release the Alloy engine with documentation and some demos (its the engine I used in Alpha 7). This is all pretty free time dependant though =)
BrykovianFunny timing, cbx ... a couple days ago, I was hit with a new inspiration, so I'm doing some quick concept-tests on something I'm calling "ManaStorm" ... if it goes somewhere, I'll post more about it. -Bryk
Eric ColemanI've been working on a custom high dynamic range procedural image format in my spare time.
ZarnethI've been working on figuring out how to use the Revolution3d engine. Not sure what kinda game I'm going to make yet, though my boyfriend wants me to make an MMORPG. XP
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I've been working on a custom high dynamic range procedural image format in my spare time.
I have been thinking about trying to write some pixel shader code to do that also but I am still learning how to code PS and VS.
Sr. GuapoNothing spectacular. I finished a simple BrainF*** interpretor in VB.NET for fun, and besides that, I have about 20 other random games started... Maybe I'll try to dig in the hard drive and see what I come accross and pick up on one of those...
Lachlan87I'm working on an arcade shooter---when I can find/make time. It's like the old Dos game, Nightraid, but is going to have different weapon types, etc. The game is based off an imaginary world my younger siblings created.
VBBRI'm starting to work on a complete new game (currently code-named Project: Warp) that's kind of a mix of Action/Adventure (kind of like mega man legends). Currently I'm starting to prototype the combat system (which by the way will be nice). I'm aware it will be long before I get something useful going, mainly because of the art department as I lack modelling and drawing skills. Fortunately a friend of mine accepted to do all the drawings and I'm trying to convince him to learn 3D modelling too. Looks like another one is willing to compose some music as well, so who knows, maybe I can get a complete game in the end. (yay [:D]) Here's a (not so full yet) website (technically blog) for it. [url][/url]
CrysstaafurAfter getting the hang of using Dabooda Turbo, I have been hammering away on a game. The working title atm is Gradius Clone. I am adding a few twists that are a bit different than 'traditional' Gradius. The current point of pride (please don't laugh, it was a pain for me), a simulated stack system(like asm) for animations that automagickally pushes and pops as needed. :) Still need to finish up some artwork and get some music going.. the base engine is done though! Now if I can just stop playing the dang thing and actually code! lol
Almar JolingMy new game, after finishing YALG recently. This time in C++, but I definetly still prefer VB. ;)
TacomanI'm currently working on a fantasy RPG. You can read about it at [url][/url]. Some of you have probably seen a previous post about it. I'm about done with the engine and tools. I just have to finish the design and graphics so I can get to the easy part where I just use the tools to create the world. The storyline is unique, I'm trying to pull away from the classic storylines that we always see in fantasy RPG's. I'm trying to achieve a very large, involved world where the NPCs act like real people and the Monsters have lifelike intelligence. I'm going to try to make this game excel where other games are just made mediocre. This will also be a very involved game. At least I'm off to a good start.
Scorpion_Bloodwell near all graphics for my bomberman clone is done :) including the nimations... about the coding stuff, i only have the map and animations done... no time for the rest... im still searching for a good webhost to host the dabooda page, since here in portugal the transfer limit is unlimited :P but low in space :\
DevlinSEI am working on a legacy 2d dx7 game engine/wrapper in an effort to learn directx from the ground up. [:D] Yes!!! I am a noob [:p]!!! So far, I got surface, sprite, map and tileset, wave, and segment management routines working. I think I'm gonna do a bitmap fonts class next.
Eric Coleman
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in an effort to learn directx from the ground up. [:D]
But that's what makes it all fun! [:D]
timbo152kA little note to all those people who need art/models for their games, I'm a decent artist AND modeler, and I am looking to gain some more experience with modeling. If anyone needs an artist (2D or 3D), contact me: Anyways, I am working on a bunch of OpenGL stuff in C++, though I still tinker around in VB alot. I've been slowing implimenting a multiplayer game-mode to Botmatch: Secondary Protocal (, but thats comming together peice-by-peice.
ballistikI'm currently using the DaBooda engine to create a pirate game... almost like the old "Pirates!" on NES. It will have many of the originals elements but I intend to add a lot of features that the original lacked... not probably because they weren't thought of, but they probably wouldnt fit into an NES game. Anyway, the idea is the same but a lot will change. The title will be Buccaneers!. I hope to be able to actually finish this one as it (so far) has been really fun to code.
VBStriderI'm working on an MMORPG called Loradon ([url][/url]), which is coming along quite nicely :) Although we are having data base trouble at the moment :( VBStrider
I've been working on a custom high dynamic range procedural image format in my spare time.
My project is currently getting this Lolo remake done, but compared to eric's ambitions I am simply not DaBooda out...
Eric Coleman
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I've been working on a custom high dynamic range procedural image format in my spare time.
My project is currently getting this Lolo remake done, but compared to eric's ambitions I am simply not
It is nowhere as difficult as it seems. And for the record this has been done before by lots of other people. I wanted to do something that was simple enough that I could possibly finish it. I'm using LUA ( ) as a scripting language because it's small and can be extended. I'm also writing a LUA tutorial as I work on this project, pretty much side by side. I've also got much of the nasty stuff out of the way, the next step is to start defining different filters for image manipulation, such as blur, sharpen, and various other graphical transformations. Also, calling it a "procedural image format" is a bit misleading. The idea is to minimize image sizes by storing most of the data to create the image and then render it only once on the target machine, so that includes being able to store raster, vector, and procedural data. I'm also planning to allow for proxy images (XREF), which I think would really make it usefull for creating modified textures for 3D games.
Lachlan87Whatever happened to Gladiator? Is that project canceled, abandonded, or just on the back-burner?
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Whatever happened to Gladiator? Is that project canceled, abandonded, or just on the back-burner?
It's on the back burner. I encountered a very serious problem with DirectX 7, specifically when trying to load alpha information into a surface. VB would crash when trying to get a pointer to any of the native DirectX classes. It wouldn't crash immediatly, but when trying to use it or pass it to a function, or even trying to release a reference, then it would crash. After spending too much time trying to figure out a solution I decided to use DirectX 8 instead. However, I have so much code that uses Directx7 that it's a very big task to rewrite everything. Gladiator is the kind of game that would take a professional studio with 100's of people 3 or 4 years to create. To be honest, I'll probably never finish it, but it's still fun, and that's what matters. My original plan was to make it a multiplayer only game. The reasoning was that I wouldn't have to create an AI, thus speeding up the development process. I also decided to make it turn based, which would make the multiplayer code much easier to write. For artwork I was going to steal borrow some models from polycount untill I could get people interested in helping with the game. My intention was to get to a point where people could get paid for creating artwork and mods to the game, but that's in the distant future. Work and VBgamer has been taking up most of my time, so I haven't worked on Gladiator in a very long time. However, I have been thinking of an interesting storyline that would turn it into more of a FF tactics type of game, but then again I get lots of ideas for all kinds of things that I never finish. [:p]
Kriscbump! ^_^! I am currently hard at work on my game... Galactic Wars 2... As I sat down today after studying for my Physics final I realized that I had a ton of code and a ton of files and yet the game still isn't together. It is slowly getting there and I am going to have to do a lot of polishing but I think I can have collisions done by sometime next week. I am looking at Wednesday since I have to give a speech in the morning about games and game design so I am going to be up early anyways. I am currently using C# and DirectX9 to draw in 2D and I am loving it. A very cool language that I just love everything about. Quite fast as I am getting fps counts in the 400s on my desktop. Anyways: I got to get back to coding! What is everyone working on at this point?
cbxSince I made my first post I started a new game project Chewe, then it got put on hold after I swore up and down I would never try to work in 3D again! Then I loaded up my DX9Tools library, and had another look at it. Tilted my head sideways, and thought,.... "Did I write this? I mean it's usable but,... it still does not make working with DX9 any easier...." Now I'm rewriting it, from scratch and basically creating a wrapper for DX9, but without the programmers who are using it having to allocate and manage little or no varibles/resources. THe goal is still the same, seek out ANY means of simplifying the DX API. Now I have started a new game project. One that i should have no excuse not to finish! It's going to be a mario kart clone. I figure rendering 2 polys for the ground/race track can't be that hard to accomplish!