Game Engines
Bonez2044Do any body now some 2D game engines if so please tell i just need to know what game engine they used for deloria thats the one i want?[:D]
Chris_PoskusDeloria was programmed from scartch, although I've heard that it was the original ody source code changed. Even that doesn't make sence... the whole structure of gameplay is different.
SpodiDeloria, Im quite sure, was made with ORE 0.4, which is at Though, if online is too hard for you (gotta know what your doing in VB) then use either what Kaveh posted or DXRE which is at =D
Bonez2044How do i get the next button to choose the next sprite could some one hook me up wit the code? [:D]
Bonez2044Well i dont need the code no more i got every thing workin some im good wit the engine stuff.[8D]