Help on 2D Sprites...pls?
DevlinSEI need to find 2d sprites that have attack frames and at least 32x32px or somewhat near that size. The sprites must have moving and attacking sequences for four(4) directions (N,S,E,W). I need em for a pure hack and slash (old school and outdated) game that has no story line. Where all you do is kill enemies until ..... well ... until you get bored or windows crashes, which ever comes first. I have been trying to draw some but I really ... just can't. I can't even animate a stick figure!!! I have searched the net, but I only found character sets with walking sequences and no attack seqs. So, if you happen to find/have/see some sprites or character sets of monsters or people that match the specs above...I am begging for them[V]. BTW, they don't even have to look good as long as they work. This would be my first try at a game in a non-dos environment that doesn't involve square tanks or triangle spaceships, heh [:D]. Thanx for even reading this [:)] and I appologize if it annoys you. ~Devlin
ballistikI haven't found anything with attack animations either... if I stumble on some I'll let you know...
Eric ColemanYou could always borrow graphics from zelda.
messixfrom memory I think vbexplorer had some animation sets that you could use that had everything you need (they were called power rangers from memory) but they have all the animations you're after... not really hack and slash but might give you something to work with.
Knight Chat X I was just looking at another forum and saw this I hope it will help: And 1 of those links lead to tutorials on how to make your own sprites.
DevlinSEThanx for the links [:)], hope I get more. Btw, when I tried the link Knight gave me I accedentally copied the "help:" with Knight's link and I stumbled into something. If you are using Mozilla Firefox try this link without the quotes : "help:". It redirects me to [url=""][/url]. That is a very disturbing feature . . .