Look what i found! a bit strange thought!
Scorpion_Bloodhey ppl [:)] i was searching for the DX81 SDK for downloading and backing up it, cause it is hard to find [:(] anyway... i found the sdk in a strange page... http://www.bscgames.com/ they create games for blind ppl! fantastic, but when u ear/play them it is really anoyong lol, check their free games :) btw they got nices tutorials about dx8 directsound [:)]
Eric ColemanThat's an awesome website! I'll add them to the links page under game developers and directx. I downloaded one of their games but it gives me a message box saying I need DirectX 8. I wonder if it was compiled with the 8 or 8.1 type library? I probably won't be able to play it since I have Directx 9 installed.
Scorpion_Bloodgreat [:)] anyway thats strange [:(] , i have DX9c and i can play it... hmm, DX9 comes with all DirectX version!
Eric ColemanThe problem, as it turns out, is my sound card. It doesn't seem to work with DirectX 8. When I play games that use older versions of DirectX it works just fine. None of the sound or music examples in the Directx 8 SDK work for me.
Scorpion_Bloodwell reinstalling dx is not an option :\ maybe the drivers?