MakubabA week or so ago i tried posting news about my arcade game i finished and it never went up, im assuming its because something was wrong with it, i cant get that email because i dont use comcast anymore and i cant change my email because the site says its already in use so i was wondering what i should do?
Lachlan87To change your e-mail address, you need to click on the link for the forum, then click profile. After you enter your user name and password you should be able to change it. If you did that and it told you your e-mail was already in use, I'm not sure what the problem could be. Maybe Eric can help?
Makubabi did that, ill wait for Eric or if someone else can help
Eric ColemanThat's because you probably have another account that's using the email address you want to use. I've changed the forum properties to allow duplicate email addresses, so now the method Lachlan suggested will work. Also, you'll need to resubmit the news you posted. You were sent an email by at least 2 different people, and since it's been well over a week with no response your item was deleted. Other news was posted, so it's best to have the newest appearing news at the very top. And just so you know, the problem was with Anglefire. It doesn't allow hot linking, so you'll need to at least make a minimum html page with a single link to the file for download.
Makubabok, thanks for the info, ten minutes after i submitted news, someone offered me space for the file and i didnt know what to do so i waited, thanks