Tile Map Draw Math Problem (thingy ;-) )
AutoAimToke out the long listing of code ok if i set it to be a 4x 4 map it makes it some weird thing [ www.angelfire.com/games5/visualgamebasic/4x4map.JPG ] (copy, paste link) (the black an white noise is there just becuase i'm not clearing the backbuffer, just ingore that. the red squares are the tiles, so yeah... weird) but if its a larger map like 50x50 map you don't notice it but i think its still screwing up. my problem has to be in these parts of the code i'm guessing its having to do with my MATH [:D] i wouldn't look over this unless you are bored and got LOTS of time on your hand, if still havn't figured it out, just post any of the parts of the code you don't understand (don't do all of it ) and i'll try to remember what it does *Laughing* If you have reached this part THANKS FOR TRYING!! *Laughing*
AutoAim*cheers!* i fixed all the problems, i would post them up but there were alot and all over the place. Thanks for even reading this post :-P