KriscWell hello there... I just have two questions. a) How am I supposed to get screenshots of my game if DirectInput has taken control of the keyboard and therefore disallowing the PrintScreen message to get through to windows. I am using DirectDraw... b) What happened to Alpha 7...will it not be completed or what? Thanks.
AutoAim[url][/url i couldn't find where i downloaded it so, i read the readme and it said that it could be redistributed on websites, so i'll let you guys download for a day or two, then its off, so download quickly!
Almar JolingI think there's an C++ example how to do screenshots on one of the sub-sites, and also on (just make sure you use the frontbuffer, not the backbuffer, and to release the reference to it)
KriscThanks, that is the one I was looking at. Thanks guys.
KriscI meant that is the one I was looking for. :)
Sr. Guapoa) basically, you are going to have to render your screen to a texture/surfacte (depending on your version of DX) and save that file. b) It is still being worked on... About being completed, I hope so!
KriscThanks, also...does anyone know where I can find some free explosion bitmaps that I could use in my 2d game?