Displaying a Window in Full-Screen Mode
gildfoshHow do you go about displaying a window in fullccreen mode in directdraw?
ThresholdThe point of fullscreen mode is to NOT have a window, at least a visible one. You have to set up the primary back buffer to use full screen mode and exclusive mode. I believe the flag contains the words "FULLSCREEN". You also have to have at least one back buffer. You must also "connect" the back buffer to the primary buffer. I don't have the code at my fingertips, but that's basically what you have to do.
Lachlan87I believe he wants to display a window over his fullscreen game. IE, so he can have a dialog pop up to change settings, etc.
Lachlan87gildfosh, If I was correct, I think the answer is that you can't--at least not the way you want to. If you allow another window to be viewed while your program has exclusive control of the device, your program will lose exclusive control of the device. That's why you have to write speacial code to handle device loss when people press alt+tab. Mind you, I could be wrong, but that's my understanding. Here are some alteratives:
  • Run your game in windowed mode, but have it maximized so it looks full-screen.
  • Run in full-screen mode, but make your own "window" instead of using a true windows form.
  • Have your game temporarily switch to windowed mode, and then switch back when the window is closed.
I hope that helps you somehow. If I was wrong, and you just wanted to know how to initialize DirectDraw in fullscreen mode, check out [url]http://directX4VB.vbgamer.com[/url]. -Lachlan