Bilinear Image Resizing
ChiefGoFor[?] Hello all! I'm looking for some guidance. I have an app that I have been working on that takes a list of images and created a web page out of it. Currently, it is coded using the nearest neighbor algorithm. As you may know, it is very fast, but the quality is terrible. I'm looking at using a Bilinear algorithm. Does anyone have any code lying around that will take a filename, shrink it and save it. Currently, I am using 4 apps and a lot of time for the complete process to create the page. Once this app is done, the time will be cut from about 30 minutes to about 30 seconds!!!!! Can you see I am excited??? Anyway, I am using VB6. Any help is appriciated. Thanks! Kenneth Crowder ChiefGoFor(%at%) AIM: ChiefGoFor
Almar JolingMaybe have a look at [:)]