Arcade style shooter
loonycoderJust your basic space shoot-em-up. Kill minibosses for powerups to help destroy the ever increasing numbers of enemies. It starts off easy but after a few minutes things start zipping about the screen. It's somewhat dynamic, the bad guys get more powerful and shoot more as you get more power ups, they'll shoot less if you tend to die alot. Has end of level bosses, various space scenery, lots of explosions, alien bad guys and big guns. homepage (sorry bout the banner ads) [url][/url] This is the first game i've released and am interested in feedback/comments/bug reports. Thanks!
Scorpion_Bloodthe overall is pretty good, but it turns very messy sometimes (when u shot many enemys), the particles are really good, u could add an fade out ;) as u said in ur site, the graphics arent bad at all :D well i liked it alot ;)
hotrodxExcellent. Now place this on the front page so others can play it's shooting goodness. PS You need to work with your site, though. It doesn't do justice to your great game.
WalrusNice! I wanted to ask you if you were going to enter the x-mas contest, but then I saw you already did! [^]
loonycoderRevision 1.0.1 ready to download, added exciting stuff like an icon! (wheee) and some extra graphics.
2dcoderGood stuff! But if you think removing vsync from your main loop makes the game run smoother then you really need to research what vsync does.
loonycoderI have 2 puters, a coding box, Amd 1666, ATI9550 card and a smaller test box, pentium2-550, geforce2 card. On both machines with the hardware directx v-sync turned on it makes the game skip a little, not sure why. Turning it off in advanced video options makes the game run smoother for me, not sure why, just posted an observation. [:)] The game itself will just try and run as fast as it can, could be why.
Sr. GuapoNice game - the only thing I would change is the banking thing when you turn. It is really lagging behind the actual turn... The game also seems to be pretty slow. Otherwise it is a great game: Decent graphics, fun gameplay, fairly original enemies (not like every vertical scrolling space shooter).
loonycoderThe things you dont notice when you play your own games, i've updated the banking speed, should be more on par with the ship movement now.
2dcoderVSYNC should 100% always be active on final releases. What VSYNC does is force the vertical blank to occur, which means the frame rate will never exceed the monitor's refresh rate. Sure it's fun to see a FPS of 200 or more, but this should only be used to see how fast your game "could run". Turning vsync off creates "tears" in the graphics which means you're updating the graphics faster than the video card is updating the screen, causing graphics to be drawn ontop of each other. (This is the tearing.)