VBgamer Zeitgeist, usefull or not?
Eric Coleman[url="http://www.google.com/intl/sv/press/zeitgeist.html"]Look at Google's page here[/url]. My idea for a vbgamer version would be to simply list recent google queries that lead people to this website. I got the idea from looking at the server logs and the listing of things that people are searching for. I think it would be an interesting idea to focus on what people want, such as creating tutorials or articles for some of the following things that have appeared in the logs: alphablending.dll, dsetup.dll, isometric tiles, direct3d device, fps counter, suppressunmanagedcodesecurity, vb game engine, drawprimitiveup, createtexturefromresource, and lots more. Is this a good or bad idea? Even if I created such a page, would anyone here even use it?
cbxAre you talking a redesign of the vbgamer web site? or just adding a new module to the main page containing a list of things people are searching for that has led them to the vbgamer site (clicking on the link would bring them to the article or game hosted on the vbgamer site)? I kinda understand what your asking but not entrely. Me/We needs more info...
AutoAimI like to look at Google's Zeitgeist, not sure why but yeah that would be a great idea, it could help in what people are looking for in game programming.
Eric ColemanCbx: Nothing but another page that lists google keywords. Autoaim: I like looking at their Zeitgeist as well. It's almost as if you get a sense of what motivates people or what they desire.