Developing a 2d rpg engine, dx7
OrklHi, I would like to develop my own DX7 2D engine, but I have no idea how to really... If anybody could point me in the right direction (e.g. a tutorial) it would be much appreciated [:D]
Eric ColemanHi, A game "engine" if very specific to the actuall game. You won't find a tutorial on such a general topic. Honestly, its like asking someone else to write the code for your game. To create an engine, you need to know how to render graphics and play sounds and music. The best place to learn all that is the DirectX SDK, which is a free download from Microsoft. After you read the SDK and learn how to display graphics and such, you'll be on your way to creating an engine for you game. Don't expect a "tutorial" to show you how to create a game overnight, because it is not going to happen. If you want to create a game, then expect some hard work ahead of you.
OrklI know its very hard work making a game and its engine, the DX SDK is 122MB, and seeing as at the moment I am not on ADSL (ISP Problems), I cannot download it. I wasn't looking for someone to write my code for me, but just for some guidelines on making an engine. Thanks for your help anyway.
KriscI am going to try making an online rpg after I am done with Galactic Wars 2 and I have come up with a way to do it with 2d arrays...each array element signifying a map tile...I hope you get it... but of course every element will be a class in itself, holding data for the tile...
OrklKrisc, a friend and I are planning to make a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) aswell. :D
but of course every element will be a class in itself, holding data for the tile...
I would advise against that, as the end result will be incredibly slow. Classes tend to slow things down, its ok if you don't overuse them like you're planning on doing though. You would be much better off using a UDT (user defined type).
anomalyabout the directx7 sdk, i found a chopped up version (no vb examples) on the msdn thats only about 5bm =D i forget where i found it exactly in there, but this is the file name, its helped me alot: dx7docs.exe
Mr. SelmoThe first step is displaying something on the screen. After that it's all easy... yeah, easy!
SpodiI reccomend that, if you are going to start getting into game designing, not to start off big. I started off looking at how games were made on by other people, then spending some time on ORE 0.4. But then I realized I kinda jumped ahead on myself by moving to an online engine, so I stepped back and built my own 2d engine that I've been working on now for quite some time now, and thats where I am still at =D And the last two lines Eric says are totally true. You have no idea how many people start up VB for the first time, a month later find an open-source online engine and spend a few more months trying to build a MMORPG, but end up just spending all that time to watch their game die. But then again, dont get thrown offtrack by that when people say its hard work to make a game, doesn't mean that its not fun too =) A great way to start out probably would to find a very simple game and try to remake it. I was trying to remake Insanity, but jeeze, I have no idea how to make text draw fast =P