Bonez2044How do i add eefects for when i warp some where?[8)]
Eric ColemanYou would create some graphics or something, and then you write some code for it. Its easy.
Bonez2044Sounds easy.[:p]
Eric ColemanYour question is very vague [:)] You don't specify what kind of effect you're trying to achieve, and you also don't say what API you're using, or if its 2D or 3D.
LynxofCPTemplate for help request: ----------------------------------------------------------- Problem Description: Programming Interface Used: Dimensions (2D/3D): Source code in question (if applicable): Username: Real name: Password: ----------------------------------------------------------- [:p] P.S. I resent being a 'newbie' lol I haven't been a newbie in years! (Well.. that's what I think...)
Bonez2044Got darn i havent used vb in awhile im back to usin it now and my game is almost done i'll post the site up here lata when the game is reafy for testing the game is called Destrction Online....[:D]
SpodiThe combination of having troubles creating a warp effect and a game named "Destruction Online" kinda scares me =P I have one simple question: "ORE?" =D
Bonez2044Yea well its bein tested if yall wanna test hit me up at MSN:Cash2044@hotmail.com AIM: Bonez2044 Aight people...