Browser Based (Text) MMOG
KrosseI, an a few others, are currently working on an MMOG. It's nothing fancy, just browser based, but with a lot of options. Currently, I'm building the databases to be used in the game, as well as the primary interface (I did not know there was a limit to the number of controls on a form [:0] ) The main problem I forsee right now is that I am inept when it comes to winsock. Anyway, anyone who is interested in this style of game and who may be able to help with my...inadequecies [V] drop me a line. Either here or my e-mail. For an idea of what I'm going for, check out Neveron or Fatelords (2 MMOG's I've enjoyed.) Thanks. PS: I'm planning on posting all of the code as open source. You won't believe how much I'd like to see some source code for this (but alas, programmers tend to be tight lipped).
Spodi"It's nothing fancy, just browser based" You can make a browser-based game with Visual Basic? Thats news to me =D
Dial-UpActually, you can. ActiveX Document EXE, I think. They're annoying because they ask if you want to open or save them, and you have to open it to view it in IE. But, yeah... Browser-based usually means you're using some sort of "web language".
KrosseOkay, sorry to be so vague. Its an online, text-based. I usually don't like to say text based because it presents the mental image of a black box with words describing what's around you. This is somewhat graphical, but no moving objects. By browser based, I basically meant that the pages "refresh" when you take an action and your stats are updated. I apollogize for the confusion. Anyway, does anyone have any helpful advice (websites, books, etc) Thanks in advance.
Eric ColemanI'm not sure if you've ever used a BBS before, but you might consider using telnet for a retro feel. There is a neat little BBS program (written in VB of course) at called "ZBBS." I"m sure there are others, but that's the only one that I can remember. Beware, its not a complete system at all, but it is a good place to start for working with colored ansi graphics. Also, I've attempted to create a simple L.o.R.D. clone using ASP, but its not working anymore since I installed this message board (database problems), and I haven't had any time or desire to fix and finish it. Of course, to use ASP would require you to have a web server with .asp support. Or you could always create your own mini webserver.
KrosseFor the time being, my only real option is to have my own webserver, so that's the initial plan anyway. Also, BBS is a bit outdated for my taste, even for this style of game. This will actually involve an in-game timer, so it's bordering on RTS (Real Time Strategy), depending really on how often I want the timer to update player resources, etc. I am of course new to this (online game programming) so I'm not sure what the best route is just yet. I'm planning on having the client side be a download, leaving just basic number crunching for the server, along with the timed updates. Of course, this also will involve storing the time when players log-off and comparing that against the current timer when they log back on. This should keep all their resources up to date, even when they're off line, but updating that at login, as well as adjusting for any attacks on them while they were away, etc, may bog down the time it takes to load up. That's my major problem currently. Finally, this is a space strategy, and I'd like it to involve a 3 dimensional array of image boxes so that there will be an actual 3 dimensional map for people to view (only 1 Z axis at a time). But I can't figure the best way to do this, as you will only see a 5x5 grid at a time. Each of these 25 squares will display whatever their contents may be based on the location of your active ship (in the center square). any help on that would be greatly appreciated. I'll check out the ZBBS, and if you could tell me a bit more about your ASP, I may be able to see if its do-able that way. Thanks again.
ExcaliberCheck out for info on Winsocks