Famous Games in VB
geo1st487Which famous games written in VB? Thanks :)
Eric Colemanhave you checked out the [url="http://www.vbgamer.com/bhgl.asp"]Big Huge Games List[/url] ? I think DDCK: Myth of Creation had over 50,000 downloads at one point, that's counting download.com, tucows.com, and a few other sites download meters, so I would say that its probably the most "famous", (or infamous :-) )
Peterand FilePlanet =) I think we also got some blurbs on Gamespy Daily, VoodooExtreme, and Penny Arcade, that was pretty cool. [url]http://www.gamespydaily.com/news/search/index.asp?function=search&search=ddck[/url] I can't find the other stuff. The penny arcade thing was pretty small near the very very bottom of the page somewhere, lol ;)
SpodiMy favorite is www.totallyscrewed.net. Nice and bloody, just the way we all like it =D
jasonliPenny Arcade mention = sweet. Totallyscrewed.net's games look totally fun... of course I'm still too lazy to download them to try...
SpodiKinda hard to find the downloads... at least I think. They are at www.omgjeremy.com/files/