Transfering files in Winsock
OverkillI have written a game in VB that uses the Winsock control, but I am stuck and have been racking my brains over a very important part, I need to send a small program (smaller than 100k) to the other persons pc but before they have my game installed, which means they wont have my WinsockServer in the game listening for incoming requests, now I know that it is possible to ping someones computer, which sends a small packet of data to someones pc, but is it possible to send my program to their computer in a similar way? if anyone has any ideas please help, I really need this bit working, if you have any ideas (with code if possible) could you reply to this post or email me at, any help would be gratefully apreciated, and I may let the person that figures this out for me be a beta tester.
BrykovianI think I must not be understanding you correctly ... but I think you're saying that you want to be able to transfer a program from your server to a client's computer without there being anything running on the client computer that knows how to receive it -- is that right? Unless there is some 3rd party software out there, I'm not sure it's possible. Every software system I know that uses an auto-update feature does it through a functioning client & server talking to each other and both side understanding what to do to make the file transfer work. I don't think you can just remotely stick a program on another computer without something on the other end to receive it ... and, personally, I wouldn't *want* you to be able to. So ... I must not be understanding you correctly ... can you re-explain please? -Bryk
Mr. SelmoWhy don't you just send them to a website or FTP?