Need tips for a good host
OdyHey, I really need to find a good host, which is either free or doesn't cost that much. Angelfire just suspended my page after exceeding bandwidth limit. I originally hosted on my schools server, but now the FTP is down, so I'm hosting the page on my own computer, which kinda sux :P Does anyone know of any good hosts? I don't mind ads, most important thing is high or no bandwidth limit, and no filesize limit. Thanks in advance.
BattleArena is a nice place to host your site
Ody[:D] Very nicely put :) I totally agree with you.
cbxI use [url][/url]. They offer free space also. I am signed up for the General solution and have to pay $3 US and change a month. (actually $6 CAD after exchange rate). The best part is that the free solution has no banner adds embedded.
OdyThanks! :)
AthirilI use SniperHQ, the best pay site ever AUD $7 Per month for 5GB bandwitdh, 500MB space AUD $20 per year for domain registration my domain - ;)