My 2d engine
PatchboyHi there. I made a DirectX powered 2D engine. If you would like more information, and to download the source and executables, please look at [url][/url]. I hope this is useful. [IMG][/IMG] Features: -Tiled animated back- and foregrounds with variable scrolling speed (useful for parallax effects). -Variable opacity for foregrounds and objects. -Customisable ambient lightning. -Multi-layered game maps. -Different AI types. -Two-player mode. -MP3 music playback. -Support for game modifications. -Uses Direct3D, DirectInput and DirectSound. -Easy to use map editor. -Object/weapon editor to change settings, sounds and animations. -Multiple customisable weapon bays for objects (lasers come from a laser gun, bullets from a machinegun).
SpodiLooks pretty good, though, I couldn't figure out how to get it to run right =P
SharimaI cannot get to the file :(
VBBRI can't access the link also...
bakatakoLinkie doesn't work for me.
VBBROK, I messed around a little and found the correct page (I think). The URL is
The Pentium Guythat doesnt work either o_O
VBBRoh well... [url][/url] works fine for me...
Eric ColemanI had to click on the link twice to get it to work for me. The first time I got a timeout error trying to reach the website, but a second click worked just fine.