Looking for a team to join.
Mr. SelmoI've been doing this stuff for a few years now and I'm getting bored with programming projects and never finishing them. I do: - Graphics - 2D movement/physics - Dishes - Writing boring dialogue - Spell-checking - Winsock usage (lol) I've programmed several games including: - Run around and cut things - Run around and cut things 2: More things to cut - Walk around and stab things - Walk back and forth and shoot stuff - Jump around and fall in ditches If you're interested in recruiting me or following under me and my greatness: - AIM: Mister Selmo - ICQ: 330508210 I'm sure we'll make great things together, thanks!
Eric ColemanI could always use some help. How much math do you know? Do you know any Calculus or anything more advanced?
BattleArenaI need some good dialoge in my game. I'll give you a call and we can dicuss things.
Athirilmaybe you'd like to see my site (well at least forums ;P) we are a team trying to make it, trying to make something http://www.drakkan.net/forums/ site is being worked on :)