Bitmap Data
emanuela1111I'd like to realize a VB program that extracts the pixel map from a two color bitmap picture and prints on screen the sequence: pixel coordinates-pixel colour. I looked at the code of your program BMPINFO.exe found on this site, but I couldn't find the way to modify the GetPixelColour function to get my purpose, can you Help me, Please? I noticed that BMPINFO doesn't work properly if the input picture is a Monochrome Bitmap; using a 3X2 pixel Monochrome bitmap made using Paint (like the one I attached), the Colour Table shows the two colors black and white, but the data table shows only black. Thank you in advance Bye Emanuela
Eric Colemanaren't the bits packed into a byte? If you had a monochrome image 8 pixels wide, then the first byte contains all 8 bits to describe the pixels on that row, then it would be followed by 3 bytes to achieve a 32bit alignment.
emanuela1111Thank you very much :) Bye