Registrant:Ultimate Search (PSIDN-47741)GPO Box 7862Central, . .HKDomain: SAFROSOFT.COMStatus: ACTIVEAdministrative, Technical Contact:DNS Support (DS28) 2537 9677Record last updated on 09-16-2003 15:42:58 GMTRecord expires on 09-13-2004 15:44:37 GMTRecord created on 09-20-2003 11:23:55 GMTDatabase last updated 09-22-2003 17:25:35 GMTDomain servers in listed order:NS1.ULTSEARCH.COMNS2.ULTSEARCH.COM"> is gone...
Eric ColemanThis is a copy and paste from a Whois lookup at , it looks like someone in Japan stole to domain a few days ago. Registrant: Ultimate Search (PSIDN-47741) GPO Box 7862 Central, . . HK Domain: SAFROSOFT.COM Status: ACTIVE Administrative, Technical Contact: DNS Support (DS28) +852 2537 9677 Record last updated on 09-16-2003 15:42:58 GMT Record expires on 09-13-2004 15:44:37 GMT Record created on 09-20-2003 11:23:55 GMT Database last updated 09-22-2003 17:25:35 GMT Domain servers in listed order: NS1.ULTSEARCH.COM NS2.ULTSEARCH.COM
PeterThats too bad. Safrosoft made a really cool game in RoX. It was very polished, fun to play, free, and expendable, so people kept coming up with new levels. I guess like a lot of people that are or were once in vbgaming, they became too busy with school and work to devote to their hobby. (Unfortunately this is starting to happen to me too. With engineering, I have 27 hours of class/labs a week, and this is my lighter semester)
SpodiWell, I guess theres only one solution... declare war on Japan and take the domain name back =)... right? Sorry, guess I was thinking a little too much like Bush =P This is kinda a bummer though... Especially that all this time I thought S&FSoftware and Safrosoft were the same -.- Oh, and if anyone knows where I can get a copy of RoX, that'd be cool ;)
Eric ColemanI talked to Dimitry last night and he's been too busy with school to work on or support Rox. VBGamer will be a mirror for the game, so don't worry, the game won't be lost forever. I'm just waiting for an email from Dimitry so I can get the latest version, which is 1.4. All is not lost [:)]
Originally posted by Spodi
Especially that all this time I thought S&FSoftware and Safrosoft were the same
Speaking of S+F Software ... seems those doors are shutting too: [url][/url]
As posted on the S+F Software main page on 29-September-2003:
I was really hoping it wouldn't come to this. However, recent circumstances involving the loss of the S+F projects, lack of incoming graphics, and internal relations between team members are all forcing me to leave S+F Software. I don't plan on working on any projects involving S+F Software until things begin to get back to the way they were. The biggest cause of my departure is the lack of graphics; I refuse to wait for new graphics while our artist slowly works on independent projects with no concern for the well-being of this team. I apologize for making promises I could not keep regarding upcoming projects. Who knows? Perhaps one day when the chaos subsides I'll come back and we can finish them. Until then I want to truly thank all of you who have supported S+F Software for the past few years and, once again, sincerely apologize to you. Love to all, Steve "The Fuzmeister" Thompson
Seems "internal team conflicts" claim another VB game dev group ... [B)] -Bryk
Eric ColemanThat sucks eggs. In a bad way. A very bad way. [xx(]
PeterHmm, that does suck. I liked their Inhabitants game, heh, that one was addicting. Is it just me or does the vb gaming scene seem to be shrinking more and more recently?
EACamDon't worry, I've got something up my sleeve. Questions? E-mail me.[;)]
Eric ColemanIf you haven't noticed, VBGamer is hosting RoX for download, check out the [url=""]Files[/url]
EACamWhat is RoX[?] I would like to download it, but I want to make sure it'll be worth the 11 MB of dial-up download time ([xx(]) first.
Eric ColemanJust click on Reviews at the top of the page and then find RoX in the list.
Barret7scWell, S+F, while on hiatus, is still around. Fuzmeister has some things to work though, but is still working on projects, as am I. If I ever stop being lazy and get some logic bugs fixed in my map editor. But, anyways ;)