Anyone ever tried making this in VB ?
berznizI am looking to create a football(soccer) game in VB... it will be a simulation - meaning with no graphics(like Championship Manager series). the hard part is taking all the player's info and running a "soccer game" which is realistic and all the players skills are taking care of. i wanted to know if anyone tried doing something like that.
Eric ColemanI've never seen a game in VB like that, you might could try [url][/url] . Running a simulation based on statistics is similar to a RPG. Instead of hit points and magic points you would have goals scored and yards(meters) run, or whatever statistics you have for soccer players. In a simulation you can add random events like a twisted ankle or broken leg, and the player would be excluded from the similation of a few games. Use your imagination [:)] Another thing you could simulate is morale which gives a bonus or penalty to players, also consider the effects of playing on the home field or away from home, weather such as rain or snow. I'm not sure if soccer games are played in bad weather or not. If you've ever played Dungeons and Dragons, there are some really cool rules called "The War Machine" which allows you to statistically wage war based on resources spent training your troops, quality of equipment, the effects of moral and natural disasters, etc. It allows you similate a large situation through generalization, and that's what you have to do for a soccer game. However, a soccer game is small enough that you could simulate players on a field, but that would require you to write an AI that could play itself, and that's not easy at all.
BrykovianWell, it's not soccer, but you might want to check out [url][/url] for a fictional simulated game. It does actually graphically show what's going on in the simulation. I wrote a stats-only basketball simulator for my Commodore64, using its built-in BASIC language, back in college (~1990), but that code is long-ago fused inside a 5-1/4" floppy that got a bit too warm and became goo. I do have some systems in mind for future basketball & American football coaching sims ... but nothing in actual code yet. As for source code ... you may find something at PlanetSourceCode or [url][/url] ... otherwise, I'm not sure where to look other than extensive Google searches. -Bryk