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basic DX9 specular effect help (easy one!)
cbxI am trying to do basic specular highlights (shine effect) in dx9 managed and vb.net. I have written a (slow [:D] ) program just so that I can set the texture state info etc at runtime to see what all of the options/combanations do, but I can't quite get specular highlights to work. Any help would be apreciated. I have been working off of the turorials at http://www.directx4vb.com/ which claim specular effects are easy but I can't quite get it to work. I included a pre-release of my DX9Tools Release 4 in the zip file along with the source for the application as well. you will need to rereference the dx9tools dll in order to compile. Download Attachment: [url="http://vbgamer.strategon.com/msgboard/uploaded/cbx/2003103014214_EnvMap.zip"][img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img]EnvMap.zip[/url]
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Eric ColemanI'm not familiar with directx 9, but something seems to be wrong with your lights. If I change the color of the light, then nothing happens. If the lights were working, then changing the color of the light will effect whatever it shines on. My best guess is to read the SDK on what it says about enabling lights and the proper settings for them.