DXRE 0.4.1
SpodiHas anyone checked out my new version of DXRE? I am really needing ideas on what to make the item system like, before I make it like I described on the frontpage =P (http://mindless.sytes.net) Btw, like what I did with the ticker? Took a while to make it fit the site's layout =D
Eric ColemanI get 30 FPS on my computer, which is an 8 MB ATI Rage Pro Turbo video card, which is pretty old. The title screen is really really really slow though, its about 1 frame every second or two. For modifying the news ticker, you can use other CSS properties than what's generated automatically by the javascript customizer page. For example, to hide the title bar you can put display: none; for the element TD.vbgamerHeadBG. And if you want to remove the date, then you add display: none; to two elements, FONT.vbgamerDate and BR.vbgamerbr .
SpodiAh, awesome. I really dont know much about CSS, not really a webpage kind of guy ;)
cbx64 frames per second. my system is a duel monitor ATI AIW radeon AGP and ATI 7500 PCI, Athlon XP 1600, 512 DDR 233mhz, running XP Pro. With directx9 installed, 20gig primary, 120gig secondary, and nice Logitech Z-680 speakers. As you can see from this post , just because I have a fancy [:p] system does not mean it makes me better at spelling or grammer. [:I] By thw way I modified the source code to use the 2nd monitor (ATI 7500 card) and still got 64 frames per second average.
Spodi233mhz is fancy? =P When I released the source to PSCode, lots of people said they had problems even getting it to run. Anyone have anything like that happening? I'm running on a 633mhz 128mb ram Compaq Presario, WinME.
cbxI had no problems getting it to run both before and after I modified the code to use my 2nd vid card.
XanPlease repost your link or tell me why your link wont work
SpodiThat link should work. If not, either my Cable went down (not uncommon unfortunatly) or No-IP is having problems, or I just reset my computer. =P