The Matrix Revolutions
cbxI just seen The Matrix Revolutions. I don't wan't to spoil it for any one ... but this movie sucked. Infact I compleatly understood what was going on up until the second movie when the kentucky fried chicken guy (AKA: The architect) started getting all high and mighty with his vocabulary. From that point on I have been scratching my head, and Revolutions is no different. Damit I want someone to tell me just what the hell is going on. Why was neo able to stop the sentanals in the real world ... ... ... You know what, even before I start going into all of the things that I want to rant off on, lets just say that if you are in the business of making movies,... Please for the the love of ____ (there is not a word powerfull enough) , Please treat the audiance like a bunch of retetards and explain in detail just what the hell is ACTUALLY going on the the movie. Don't just have your characters say "TRINITY (after neo returns from talking to the architect): Who did you see? NEO: It doesen't matter." Now that's the kind of thing that really pisses me off, damit it does matter! So my question for this fourm post, is just what the hell is going on, from the point neo speaks to the architect, to the end of The Matrix Revolutions. Thank You. [V]
Eric ColemanI have no idea how Neo can effect machines in real life or how he can see when he's been blinded. If you ignore the 3rd movie I can explain the ending of the second movie. The matrix is a computer simulation. Its not just a simple equation that can be solved analytically, such as 2X = 4, it has to be solved computationally, like a fractal. In various mathematical systems there are sometimes odd things that happen, but if you know of them, then you can account for it. For example, Limit of (x*x/x) as X approches 0. You can't really compute what 0 * 0 / 0 is because division by zero is undefined, but if you know of that before hand you can make adjustments and computer limit of (x) as X approaches 0 to get the same answer. Of course, the matrix is more complicated. So the whole idea behind Neo is that he is a rounding error that simply adds up over time and that allows him to modify the matrix simulation. Since the creators of the matrix know about this, they are able to remove the anomoly. Much like the [url=""]Gibb's Phenomenon[/url], if you know about it, then you can account for it. The architect explains to Neo that there have been other "ones," other anomolies, and that they've been accounted for. The machines method of removing the anomoly has been to let all of them escape, thus removing them from the simulaiton. You have to consider anyone that's extracted from the matrix as an anomoly, consider the kid that bends the spoon and the kids that make the blocks float in the air. They're all anomolies just like Neo, but just not as strong. They can bend the rules of the matrix, and possibly break them, but Neo can create his own rules. Once the anomolies have been removed, then the machines destroy Zion and let the "one" restart the city from scratch by selecting some males and females to restart the population process. Of course, the knowledge of the city being destroyed and reborn is not passed on from generation to generation. In the first movie there was the prophecy that the "one" said he would be reborn again in the matrix. This is because the anomoly can't be totally removed from the simulation, it's periodic, happening every so often. At the end of the 3rd movie the Oracle says they'll see Neo again. Of course, it won't be "Neo" the character, the anomoly could manifest itself in anyone. What I don't know or can't explain is how Neo could effect the machines in real life. I also don't know why the machines agreed to peace. They were kicking the human's ass. The whole concept of the "source" computer not having some type of anti-virus protection to pretect against Smith from infecting the computer is pretty stupid. If the matrix has been redesigned before, then the source computer sould easily halt the simulation and start over from scratch, thus deleting agent smith and anyone else in the simulation.
cbxOK I think I'm getting the gist of it now. But I still say they should be better describing this in the movie. If you have watched "The Making of the Matrix" they make a number of references to religion and beliefs, and how the last movie kinda address these issues. So I think the "source" that they are talking about in revolutions has to do with religion and beliefs and what not. As for being able to see when he is blind. I might have an idea about that one. No one's ever truly left the matrix! Or something like that. If you watch "The Animatrix" it is more then just 9 short films in the world of the matrx. Each story helps to describe and explain cirtian events in the matrix trillagy. The short film I am refering to in particular is "Matriculated" where a couple of humans talk about tricking a sentient machine into believing that the humans are allies. In that film they talk about how you would know if you even left the matrix. That is how could you tell what reality is actual reality and not just part of the same computer simulation. If neo and everyone else never really left the matrix it would help to explain alot about why neo can do what he can in the real world. This is interesting because there are hidden matrixes within the matrix, the train "bum" who works for the french man. He has built his own matrix and he can control who enters and leaves. Which again is puzzling because it does not explain how neo got in the train station in the first place? Especilly if the train man did not know who neo was when he tried to get on the train. Besides all that, i'm still a little pissed as the wachoski brothers, for what they said in "The Making of the Matrix". Actually not what they said but what they implied, and I quote "... The End? doum doum doummmm ..." and at the same time drawing a big question mark in the air as if to hint that there will be more matrix movie(s) after revolutions. BTW there are free downloadable short films from the animatrix movie at [url][/url].
Eric ColemanI hope they stop. I think the first Matrix was enough. They really seem to be going down hill in their story telling ability. I also thought the lack of explanation was a bad choice. The movie looked more like a video game with all of the CG. And there really wasn't anything with a "wow" factor, at least not that I can remember. In the second movie there was the car chase that was cool and the ghost twins, and the first one had all of the cool "bullet time" effects. The 3rd movie really didn't seem to have anything that stood out. I was hoping for a fight with millions of Agent Smiths, but it turned out to only be a fight with one of them in the air. I've seen all that in the old Superman movies. Then there are the mechwarrior suits, I've seen that in the video game of the same name. The squids, they were in part 2. Then there are these really big CG drills. That's just borring. No pun intended. I think I just described the whole movie.
cbxYou right, revolutions definatly left me wanting. Again I think revolutions was lame is because by this point in the trillagy all of the questions people want to know more about like how neo was able to see when blind were not answered. Again kinda leaving it open for a 4rth movies to tie things up ...