Xanwhere can i get the DXRE demo thing i want to try it but the link doesnt work. What other MMORPG games are there that are completed and popular and ones with there own servers?
SpodiDXRE site should be up. As far as MMORPGs go that are free, you're kinda out of luck unless they are in beta. Try checking
Eric ColemanYou can find ORE (online roleplaying engine) here And if you want to play a MMORPG game in VB, then you can try
SpodiPromoting Deloria? I expected more from you, Eric ;)
Eric ColemanIs there something wrong with promoting games written in VB on a VB news site?
SpodiI'm just used to all the hate-vibes from the Baronsoft forums =P
Eric ColemanThe last time I checked that issue was resolved.
ShannaraYep, until the Deloria folks broke their end of the agreement, ah well. Hard to fight when ur open sourced :(
SpodiYeah it is since you're kinda giving the source to anyone who wants it =P P.S. Grats on the little dude, Shan!