sagebHi everyone. q: Is it possible to implement a bluescreen in VB? What i want to do is this: 1: Use a picture as background. 2: On top of the picture, place a video featuring a moving character (a real person). If the video is shot against a blue/greenscreen, is it possible in VB to render the blue/green parts of the video invisible? Possible? Let me know:) andreas (
Eric ColemanAll you need to learn about is a little bit of image manipulation. You simply go through each pixel in the source frame or picture, and test to see if it is blue or not, if it is, then you don't copy it. If its not blue, then you would bitblt it to the destination image in the appropriate location. If you're using Direct Draw, then I suggest you look at GetPixel and SetPixel. If you're using bitblt, then try , there are some tutorials on using bitblt, and I'm sure it will explain it better than I can. And if you're using Directx 9, then you'll have to find out what happend to color keys, because they've been removed, but that's what you would use. I think specifiying a color key in directx 9 just causes direct x to make those pixels transparent through an alpha mask.