Know where i can find this tileset?
sdwI need to find the rest of this tileset: I was told that it's the tileset that comes with RPG Maker95. I searched the web for hours for both rpgmaker links and this tileset, but failed to find the right one. Would anyone happen to know where I can get it?
sdwPlease excuse the link above and try using this one:
Eric ColemanIf that tileset ships with that program, then there are probably some copyright issues with using those graphics.
SpodiIf I remember right, that looks like one of the sets off a program from PSCode =P Where its from though, no idea, though I reccomend using your own graphics. Usually it's smart take graphics from other games if no one is going to play yours =P
sdwYes, I've seen bits fot this tileset floating around PScode, but I never managed to find the entire thing there. The part I have was from Tortsen Damberg's game engine example. Since the tileset is used in many examples and I wasn't going to use it for comercial purposed, I never took into consideration the tiles may be copyrighted.
Eric ColemanI've never used RPG Maker 95 and I don't know who makes that program either so I can't point you to their website. More than likely the graphics are only for use with the RPG Maker program, but you'll need to read the software license to see if the graphics are free to use.
ATI've got some old RPG maker 95 stuff here - though not the program itself. I can tell you that the file you posted is the correct size and layout for an RPGM95 tile set - but I don't know if it was from the original program or was created by someone else for use in RPGM. The company responsible for RPGM95 and 2000 is called Enterbrain (a subsidiary of ASCII). It's a Japanese group and they had a lot of trouble with people ripping off their games and translating them into English - before distributing them to everyone free of charge. While this means that your tileset could be illegal, there are lots of fan-made tilesets of exactly the same type - just search around and i'm sure you will find a bunch of tilesets you can hack together for your game. Just don't forget to ask the people who made them :) The old ASCII website was at - but the site is dead and the company may well be dead too.
IAC249You could try here: [url][/url]. - IAC249