So what is everyone working on?
PeterSeems a good question to ask with the new forum in place and news on the front page drying up [;)] What projects is everyone currently busy with? As for the past year, I'm busy with Alpha 7, although recently I've been working on a small game at school for a project. I guess its better then math class [:D]
Eric ColemanLets see... I've been spending most of my time creating some pan/tilt/zoom software to control cameras. I've been adding features and squashing bug after bug [:)] I'm selling the software on ebay, yay! I've also been messing around with parallax scrolling with the Biohazard core, but I haven't been able to figure out how to accomplish it properly. I haven't done too much with Gladiator. The last I've done was coding some stuff for plug-in architecture and some work on the Gladiator PDK. That's all I've done recently. Oh, I almost forgot, I've integrated a forum with vbgamer, you should check it out! [url][/url] [:)]
Rag on a StickI've been working on Emoticon some more recently... it has had some fairly serious changes in the way it is played... but I really like the way it plays right now and I'm hoping to get it finished before March (unlikely, but I'm trying). In any case, I'm hoping to get some sort of release out soon.
AmrazekI've begun work on a World War II RTS game. Currently, I'm working on the engine for it (used the BioHazard engine, but it's now unrecognizable; I've added many features [:)]) and am nearly done. So far, I'm trying not to think about how complicated it's going to get when I start on the game itself... It goes from [8D] to [:(!] real fast that way
BrykovianHmmmm ... I find myself on multiple projects again, but they should sort themselves out into a nice queue eventually. In no particular order:
  • Games Pub ([url][/url])
  • WoK:Modern Warfare ([url][/url])
  • Graphics and possibly a DLL to assist the piecepack ([url][/url]) board game community (unbeknownst to them [;)] )
  • v1.4 of Castle Danger ([url][/url])
  • Detailed design of Thrones of Danger (CD's sequel)
  • Detailed design of a game I'm calling "Expansion" right now, but will be re-naming it before long
I think that's it for now ... [8D] -Bryk
KriscI am currently working on Galactic Wars 2, I am thinking about redoing it in Direct3D instead of DirectDraw...It uses DirectX9 and won't be out until DirectX9 is more widely used...
The HawkI will be working on Dark Realms for another month or so, after that I will be starting full-tilt on a new project that I CANNOT reveal yet... I hope to have most of it done by christmas so I can steal at least one of those titles :) The only reason I don't start on it now is that I am currently experimenting with DirectDraw and, needless to say, am running into many conflicts with my current way of thinking. Once I get that sorted out you can expect some more info on the game (which will be multiplayer, and very, very addictive) 8-)
EddoHey all, nice forum [:)] Still working on The 2shockeD Project (hmm, we really need a name for the game lol, any suggestions? [:p] ) We have a few publishers interested in our game, so we're really gonna try to have this game published. We're finishing a demo for them right now, but it will also be downloadable, for the ones interested.
ExcaliberHeh, I'm working on a Pong clone (named Ping) that features alot of cool stuff and will be network playable, all done in DX8. Im mainly trying to learn DX8. Also, I'm pretty new here, so Hi.
Originally posted by Excaliber
Also, I'm pretty new here, so Hi.
Hello, Excaliber, nice to meet you. [8D] -Bryk
ExcaliberNice to meet you too. :)
ShannaraHmm ... Sold Mirage Online, a game I've been working on since December 27, 2001. Sold Player Worlds, first release of that was in March 2002. Both of those were sold almost 2 weeks ago. Took some time off, and then started working on Roonz. It’s hard as heck to get communications working properly between a VB6 client and a VB.NET server. Especially when the DotNet encryption classes are buggy (Ended up having to write my own translation from vb6 source). Anyhow, I am currently working on Angel.Net (scripting engine) for the server side, then I get to get on with the content :) Did you know, that there is hardly any documentation for in the dotnet docs? Bleh, theres like NONE for VSA.NET, figures.. it’s all trial and error now…. Other then that, *shrugs*.
Almar JolingYALG (will be online tonight I think :P) and my own Unreal Tournament movie... which is coming forward so nicely... I love the credits scene, which involves my own map and Unreal Movie studios cool interpolated camera movement :D
ExcaliberNevermind, my newest project has changed. Very secretive...very interesting. I'll get the very very very very first client/sever done soon so show off (which will contain only chat) :)
Meanstreakhey all, i'm quite new here, but i was wondering if any of y'all can direct me to books/sites where i can learn how to use tcp/ip in vb cuz i luv my network :) or maybe even any vb gaming tutorials kinda things -- thx. Meanstreak
cbxI am currently working on 3 projects actively. As well as an infinite number of others that I have either dropped or put on hold. Active projects 1: DX9Tools. I am currently working on DX9Tools Release 4. 2: CommonCBX.NET. I am currently working on CommonCBX.NET Release 3. 3: GameTools.NET I am currently working on GameTools.NET Release 2. All three libraries are written in For more info on these projects goto my web site at [url][/url] and select the development section. It is my hope that after these libraries are a little bit further advanced, creating software like games will be a non issue. I am already starting to see the possibilities and payoffs of these libraries. Also if anyone asks I am always willing to provide current code snapshots of any the code that I am currently writing. For example even though DX9Tools release 4 is not officially released yet I will and have provided it to people who have asked for it. And yes I know the website for these libraries is lame.
SpacePuppyIm currently making a simple space trading game :) and trying to set up a smal gaming community.......Wich is not going to well due my lasyness =)-/<
BlackTigerCool forum people I'm currently working on a remake of a simple tankgame called tunneler. I'm using DirectDraw. I want to make it multiplayer on later stage.
Eric ColemanAll these projects sound really cool. I hope to see some screenshots soon. [:)]
Bonez2044Im workin on a game thats going well all i need to do for now is get the magic to work.
RichardTristan and i are still working on the wildwest... we started this project back in 2000.. everything was created in visual basic/directx, but a half year ago we decided to re-write the game in vc++.. so its not really a vb game anymore.. sorry… well, were still using vb tools (tools / map editor ) :) to give u a small preview: [img][/img] [img][/img] we still got a long way to go before the game is completed, but hell, its just a fun-projects so we got all the time in the world ;) i'm also working (as a 3d artist) on a ps2 exclusive title for sony europe at lostboys games.. (can't give u any information (nda.. sorry).. check ECTS this year.. (and E3 (next year ;).. oh. before i forget, the website for the wildwest (not the really old one ( ,but the new one (no link yet) will hopefully be online in the coming month (lol , i keep saying that for the last 2 years ;)... ill give you the link as soon as it is online.. Richard [artist -the wildwest)
Eric ColemanScreenshots of that game still amaze me. Its too bad we didn't get to see the VB version of the game in action.
Richardthe screenshots ur seening are from the visual basic version :) maybe when the c++ version will be released, we also will release the vb version.. (and source)
PeterJust a question, why the switch to VC++? VB is more than enough to handle isometric graphics. Is it just more familiariality with the language or better avaiability of tools/libraries/help?
Richardwell, i'm just the artist.. but; according to tristan, the pathfinding / AI is much easier to write in c++ , plus C++ is much faster than vb.. (note: faster with AI, not with graphics, thats basicly the same on both platforms) anyway, we first came up with the idea to write the AI code in vc++ and use it as a plugin in vb, but Tristan had to write so much extra (graphical)code in c++ to test the AI, it was really stupid the just throw that away and only use the AI code as a plugin in VB, so the decision was made to drop the vb version and continue the production in vc++... so.. that's why.. ;) for the really technical stuff about this you should ask Tristan..(i'm just a stupid artist :)