Graphics ... I need Graphics
The Ladies Manto all those who are even remotely interested in computer games and are good at designing graphics for games, be it 2d or 3d, I would like to ask for you help because I am not. I can program very well, but its the graphics where I have my troubles. I just need someone to help me design some graphics for a multiplayer game that I have. Its already up and running and will allow 255 players into it but it is in extreme alpha completion. Anyone who can help me please reply. Thank you. [url][/url]
sdwYou and I both, lol.
SpodiI think it's an official fact, "Programmers can't make graphics worth beans." ;) I decided to move away from RPG and Action games where graphics are vital and move into a Shmup (or at least my gameplay designer calls it that) flying game where you kill... everything. =P Simple single ship graphic for each enemy and a small background plattlet and you're set. =P
sdwSpodi, aren't you only creating an engine? WHy on earth would you need good looking graphics? Leave that to the people creating a game off your engine.
KrazexI just keep making engines, because i suck at graphics. If your looking for a GFX artist go here Tho it may take some time before you get one or even can post your request.
KriscI don't know about you but I can certainly program and do some decent art... Here is a picture of my latest rendering...I am working on getting materials right at this point... I am not the greatest artist, but my work is good enough to put in a game... [img][/img]
Eric ColemanI can see my reflection in the vase.
KriscYa, slight problem I am having with the shadows as you can see, they reflect...weerd :(