VGL RPG battle system
DKF295If anyone has a homemade VGl RPG battle system, I'd love some source code. I suck at VGL, and know only VERY basic commands. Providing that would be a double-whammy: I get source code to examine, thus furthering my knowledge of VGL, and the basic structure of a battle system. I don't care how crappy it is, as long as its 3vs3 (or higher), any view. I will give credit in my final product to anyone who helps. In return, I offer answers to any Visual Basic code questions you may have.
Eric ColemanWhat is VGL?
SpodiI think he is talkign about Video Game Layer, a program that was on this site a while back. I never tried it too thuroughly myself, but I am quite sure it is a program where you can make different types of games. I think it might have been something like a DirectX wrapper. You should know this Eric, its your site. ;)