Whats up with RSS?
cbxWhats up with all of this RSS (Real Simple Syndication) stuff that seems to have spread like wildfire overnight on the iNet. Why does every one seem to be taking and running with it? any ideas?? The reason I started the post is because again, the first time I saw a RSS link was on the gotdotnet site like 3 months ago, and since then I seem to be seeing it popup all over the place! Another question I guess I want to ask is if anyone can clarify if each rss file is formated the same IE there are clear standards like HTML for the way a RSS document is laid out or does each site/owner/creator decide how the xml data is stored in the rss file?
SpodiNever heard about RSS before from what I can remember, so I have no idea what you are talking about. =)
Eric ColemanIts been around for a while. I think the old nexus news feed and also the gamedev.net news feed were in RDF format, which if I remember correctly was a precursor to RSS.