DXRE removed from competition?
SpodiWas DXRE removed from the X-Mas competition, or am I just blind? If so, why was it? I thought it had all the requirements. =/
Eric Colemanhmm.. I guess I never realized it was missing. there were a LOT of duplicate entries that I deleted, so I may have removed it by mistake. Go ahead and flame me! [xx(]
SpodiWell, uhm, first I'll take this... keyboard, and uhm, type really mean things to you while it is unplugged. Good enough for me. ;) I know it was up during the voting the first and maybe second day, maybe there was at least a single vote for it? =) But hey, accedents happen, you're just doing the best you can with it, cant ask for much more. =)
Almar JolingWell, you won the Christmas tree contest, what else do you want? [:)][;)]