New Member (With a new RPG)
YelsaebFor the past few years in my spare time I have been working towards creating a 2D MMORPG. Every effort has been put into design of both the game and the code that drives it. It is written in VB in its entirety, can use either DirectDraw OR Direct3D for graphics (can be selected by modifying the initialisation script), FMOD for sound, DirectInput, and Winsock. I have written a resource loader, a user interface engine (which allows to make forms with objects on them, to be drawn onto the screen using the selected graphics API), command parser, etc. Visit [url][/url] for some early screenshots of the game, and the map editor. The game will be a lot more detailed in the actual release (as you can see in the screenshots there is a lot of grass and not much in the way of scenery other than that). I won't publish the entire source code to it, but I may publish select portions of it that people might find useful. This won't be until after it is released though. Please have a look at the screenies, perhaps post some comments in the forums, as feedback is definitely appreciated. Bye4now. -Yelsaeb
bakatakoDoesn't look half bad. o.o I'll be looking forward to it. My computer likes to freeze in 3D games so I only get to play 2D stuff. DX I think you should find a really detailed chipset that goes better. Or.. that could be fine, whichever. I want to make an MMORPG, too, but for now I can only make online 2 player games. *is working on a Street-fighter clone for online*
KrazexLooks good.