Soul of Sphere character in Fetich Fighters
SphereI've noticed that makers of Fetiche Fighters stooled many characters from my game Soul of Sphere. Gamna, Ulania and Dorna... I need some explications from the makers of Fetiche Fighters...
Peter? Isnt your game top down? Isnt theirs viewed from the side? It makes no sense, although I might have missed something since to be honest I haven't played either.
SpodiUnless all Fetish Fighters characters are being redone, I believe they were all made before Soul of Sphere since Fetish Fighters is acually kind of old.
SphereThe Soul of Sphere characters were made back to the end of 1999...
PeterActually, you know what, that sounds like a good idea, I'm going to steal some of your characters for my new upcoming game, Soul of Cube.
Eric ColemanCan you prove that your characters were stolen?
SphereI just can't know how you could make a game like Soul of Cube in VB... It is just too hard to program and i suspect that you don't have my programming experience to make a good Action/RPG better than the tow Soul of Sphere games... You must make your own graphics and add alot of details for the gameplay... ;)
SpodiSoul of Cube, hah, thats loser talk Peter. I'm making Soul of Octagon! 8-dimensional fantasy world packed full of extreme nothingness and Soul of Sphere's graphics! But really, sorry to burst your bubble there Sphere but I highly, highly doubt that Fetish Fighter stole your character(s). Their looks could be similar, but that's like running up to two girls who look the same and calling them twins. Also, FF's graphics were made in 3D and from the looks of it, SoS's graphics were not. Totally different viewing aspects (top-down and side view) and different creation methods. Sorry man, but I dont think they were stolen. You're only hope would be to have the creator of FF (forgot his name o.O) to admit to this.
sdwSo, does Sphere realize he's being made fun of?