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The Big Huge Games List is an attempt to list and display all currently completed VB Games. To have your game listed here, just fill out this form.

You also might want to put a Coded in VB graphic in your game or on your webpage to help promote your game and VB game programming..

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TitleGenreDeveloperLicenseScreenshotsReview ScoreDownload Link
3DRacerArcadeFabio CalviFreeware   [1] [2] [3]   Download
4000 A.D.StrategyGordon StewartShareware     Download
AbalonePuzzleIhsan Ul HaqueFreeware     Download
Blood ZeroActionTotally Screwed SoftwareShareware   [1] [2] [3]   Download
BomberMan VBArcadeBlueCat StudiosFreeware   [1] [2] [3]   NA Download
Botmatch Secondary ProtocolArcadeYar Interactive SoftwareFreeware   [1]   Download
Castle DangerStrategyMatt WordenFreeware   [1]   Review 9/10 Download
Chase Ace 2ActionSpace Time FoamCommercial     NA Download
Close ApproachActionAbstract WorldsShareware   [1] [2]   NA Download
DoveActionIntergeniesFreeware   [1] [2] [3]   Download
EmoticonStrategyAndy OwenFreeware     Download
eRacerActionWolfgang KienreichFreeware   [1]   Download
Falling FormulasPuzzleJames BaartseFreeware   [1]   Download
FluxPuzzleMasterWorks SoftwareCommercial   [1] [2] [3]   NA Download
Freeride ThrashRacingBlack Edge GamesFreeware     NA Download
Frog3DArcadeGameSoftFreeware   [1] [2]   Download
Gem RaiderArcadeMatt WordenShareware   [1] [2] [3]   Download
Helibomber DXArcadeS+F SoftwareFreeware     Download
InhabitantsPuzzleS+F SoftwareFreeware     Download
Interstellar LawAdventure3D-LevelFreeware   [1] [2] [3]   Download

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