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  Fart SnifferCreated by: X4/18/2006Walks you through creating a number of flies that will fallow a scent trail, that you draw on the screen using the mouse.
  VB.NET Mesh TutorialMatthew Campbell12/13/2005Initialize Direct3D 9, create a main loop, load a mesh file and display it.
  Using Zip Files In VB Part 1Eric Coleman5/23/2005Part 1 of a 3 part series. This tutorial shows how to create a VB compatible DLL in C by using the free source code to the zlib library.
  Playing Music in Managed DirectX 9Lachlan Purdy2/26/2005This tutorial covers the basics of playing mp3's and MIDI files with Managed DirectX.
  Managed DirectDraw 9 BasicsLachlan Purdy1/19/2005This tutorial will show you how to display a simple sprite with DirectDraw. This will be a full screen application, and I will show you how to deal with Device loss.
  Basic Particle System in Visual Basic 6Daniel Marton Story12/2/2004Learn the basics of creating a particle system for your game.
  Custom Resource Files Using Property BagsAnders Nissen10/11/2004Learn how to take advantage of Visual Basic's property bags to save and retrive any type of data!
  BitBlt and GDI32 for the Thick HeadedTimothy Patrick4/18/2004A revised version of the most popular BitBlt tutorial on Planet Source Code. If you're just getting into game/graphics programming, this is for you!
  Get Input - KeyboardGregory English12/8/2003Get familiar with the basics of DirectInput by reading this tutorial on how to Get Input with your Keyboard. Grasp the basic concepts of setting up DirectInput, creating the Keyboard Device, and retrieving two types of data along with a nice sample class!
  Working With VerticesJason Zurowski11/23/2003Explains how to us vertices to create simple meshes with VB.NET.
  Texture Resource ManangementHarry11/22/2003A tutorial on managing textures and optimizing memory usage.
  Simple Direct3D InitializationJason Zurowski11/21/2003Shows you how to create a simple Direct3D skeleton application in VB.NET.
  Interfacing Visual Basic And C++Nicholas Skapura3/4/2002Creating C++ DLL for use in VB.
  Nitro for VBTorsten Damberg5/11/2000This may seem a funny article to be placing on a VB Gaming Site. "How to create a C++ COM dll to use with VB". Well basically, we know there are limits to VB's power, and sometimes it needs a little hand, and heres a good way of doing it.
  Bitmap File FormatRyan Clark1/19/2000Ever wanted to know how to read data directly from a BMP file for manipulating? Well here's how.
  Isometric TilesAdam Hoult1/17/2000Shows you how to create a program to rotate all your tiles to an isometric perspective without having to go through the hell of using 3d packages.

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