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  DirectX 10 Backwards CompatibilityEric Coleman2/28/2006My concerns for game compatibility and the upcomming DirectX 10 in the MS Vista operating system.
  A BASIC HistoryEric Coleman9/21/2004This article gives a brief history of BASIC over the past 40 years.
  Getting to know your CompilerSilver Curry12/27/2003Since there are so many versions and editions of Visual Basic, it can be quite confusing at times. Selecting the right compiler is not exactly an easy choice.
  Code SecurityAdam Hoult5/19/2000While not the code security bible, it shows you ways of placing traps in your code, so that you can prove the code is yours, in the eventuality that someone steals it.
  Game DesignRyan Clark1/19/2000Amazingly in-depth article about almost every aspect of designing your game, and how to go about it.
  Game AI Andy Owen1/10/2000A few things to think about before embarking on AI coding for your game.
  Games 2000Alex Kriss1/2/2000Is this what the future holds for games in the new millenium ? Could be !!!
  2D or 3D?Alex Kriss12/22/1999A game developers viewpoint on exactly what writing a game in 3d should mean vs a 2d game.
  RPG's vs GA'sAlex Kriss12/19/1999A blow by blow viewpoint on what makes an RPG so successful versus a Graphic Adventure.
  Better PlotsAlex Kriss12/19/1999Describes how to best design a plot for you game.

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