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The news ticker allows you to place the latest VBgamer news on your website by puttin in only one line of HTML into your web page. This gives your site some extra dynamic content, and it helps to let everyone know about all the hard work that VB game programmer's had put into their games.

With a single line of html, you can have the latest VB gaming news on your website. It is as simple as this

If you don't like the default style, which looks like this

You can easily customize the news ticker by using an easy javascript page that shows you the changes as you make them. The custom version uses the following line instead. You'll also need to copy and past a bit of CSS data into the head of your html page.

Click Here to customize!

You can see some different examples below of what's possible with the customized ticker.

Classic Windows theme
Desert theme with no date
A pastel color theme with Internet Explorer filter effects. IE only.
Green and black theme with hover effect. Mozilla and Firefox only.
Button effect with rollover graphics.

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