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D3D IMCarl (2000-Apr-28) --
Shaolin SoldierCarl (2000-Apr-26) 2 (2000-Apr-27)
I'm Back guys !!Adam Hoult (2000-Apr-25) 6 (2000-Apr-27)
to Immediate Mode or to Retained Mode?StiNKy (2000-Apr-24) 7 (2000-Apr-27)
Beta Testers Urgently needed...Carl (2000-Apr-19) 13 (2000-Apr-26)
Texturing shared verticesPyroBoy (2000-Apr-26) --
GetTickCount Article @ MSShogiBear (2000-Apr-24) 5 (2000-Apr-25)
Group GameBrian Clark (2000-Apr-25) --
3DIM QuestionPhoenixX_2 (2000-Apr-22) 11 (2000-Apr-24)
Polygon Indices in D3D - Argggg!!! Help!!!!!PyroBoy (2000-Apr-20) 2 (2000-Apr-24)
ANOUNCEMENT:: Magic Dust 2 - World DOMINATION BetaSpaghetti (2000-Apr-16) 2 (2000-Apr-23)
Magic Dust 2 Beta Ver 0.0.0127 CompleteSpaghetti (2000-Apr-22) --
Need help with Classes ...bren (2000-Apr-15) 12 (2000-Apr-20)
Hasbro...Rag on a Stick (2000-Apr-19) 2 (2000-Apr-20)
TransparentBlt and the rebellion it sparks...tatsuo (2000-Apr-17) 4 (2000-Apr-20)
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