Script Kiddies !! Adam Hoult (3 replies, 1 views) (2000-Apr-6)
Right well, i agree, registering is sometimes a good thing, but personally i hate them =) I've banned the asshole, for now ! =). A quick note any messages which have my name, but are NOT telinco, easynet or are not me !!!! (until my host changes sometime after the 17th btw) or they could be admin messages (show up in bold) but they're ok too. This board has a nice auto violation script in it, so if he comes back I will have to turn it on, at least for a while. Basically what it does is ANY violation will cause the message to not be posted, and the host/name/e-mail is banned. So even if they come back under a different name/host/e-mail they can't post violating messages because they are blocked. Unfortunately it IS a form of censorship (all swearing constant repeated or junk messages (and others) are considered violations.), but we will have to live with it (at least for a while anyways). I may think about having a registration system, but that will be a last resort IMO. l8a THE REAL ADAM HOULT.

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