Notice to Spammer ! Adam Hoult (3 replies, 0 views) (2000-Apr-6)
Please note ! I have your IP address logged, I have your Real Name, your Address, your Telephone number, service provider details and ISP Abuse line number, listed in front of me, if you EVER post to this board again for ANY REASON , I will contact the relevent ISP and get your account deactivated ! Abuse of your internet connection is viewed VERY dimly by any ISP, and I will make sure that every time you spam again, from any account, I WILL contact them !!!! It may not be the most current information, but does GRAFISCH LYCEUM, Rotterdam ring any bells ?? Just to prove a point ??? (i wont post the entire details here, but thats just to show you I am serious.) Get the HELL off my messageboard !!! Adam Hoult

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Damn, you tell him!!! =) *nt* Mattman (2 replies) (2000-Apr-6)
RE: Damn, you tell him!!! =) *nt* Adam Hoult (1 reply) (2000-Apr-6)
RE: Damn, you tell him!!! =) *nt* Jason Li (0 replies) (2000-Apr-7)

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